Thursday, March 3, 2011

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(Dedicated to Dive , with affection)

and I recently visited a dear friend said here on this page, Dive, whose beautiful and splendid blog seeks, among other things, about the beauty of the human , and is a site that I highly recommend that you visit and how well Dive writes, by the beauty of the issues that touch and sensitivity and poetry that give off his writings. On his last visit he complained that I did not have much time to update this blog (well, actually, there are two or three blogs that I hand, mad at me). It is true that lately I can not update as much as me like, but I lack time to devote to this hobby.

however, go a new entry. Dedicated to Dive friend, who has always had a good visit and, with so much warmth and sincerity, has declined to comment on the long absence occurred.

The other day I found, among the books of a dusty shelf, one that I read as a teenager. This is the Book of Imaginary Beings of Jorge Luis Borges , edited by Bruguera (now defunct, unfortunately), in an edition of 1980, although the book was written back in 1962 Borges - and it rained! Today the book is available in another edition, Alianza Editorial, or is in the Library, so you have no excuse for not reading it.

This book is a "bestiary" modern genre that was in vogue in the Middle Ages and in which Borges compiles all the creatures born of human imagination, especially those beings and monsters that inhabit or inhabited the universal literature.

I then pick out the occurrence of certain events the book, really juicy, copy it here to whet your appetite and so I wanted to enter the full taste this succulent and substantial volume. That is, "and without Metator culinary-, to give you desire to read. Are some of the tastiest events. I meet them at some of the most unlikely creatures. I hope that the monsters show will amaze as much as me. There you go:

In "Angels of Swedenborg " (pp. 12-13): "The angels are the souls who have chosen to Heaven. May without words, just an angel to have him think of another next to it. Two people who have loved on earth form a single angel. [...] Angels can look north, south, east or West, always see God face to face. are primarily theologians [...] In Heaven there is no time, the appearance of things change according to mood ... "

From "The Brownies" (p. 48): "They are helpful little men brown, which have taken their name. They often visit the farms of Scotland and during sleep in the family, assist with household chores [...] The famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson said he had trained his literary skill Brownies in the ... "

From "The Ghost and Swedenborg" (p. 70): "... the demons are not a species, come from the human race. They are not happy in that region of swamps, deserts of serlvas, villages razed by the fire, dark dens and brothels, but in Heaven would be most unfortunate. Sometimes a celestial beam comes from above them, the demons feel like a burn and a foul stench. They think they're beautiful, but many have bestial faces or faces that are mere pieces of meat or do not have faces. Live in mutual hatred and violence in the army, if meet is to destroy or to kill someone. God forbid the angels and men map of Hell, but we know that is the general form of a Demon ".

From" The Double "(p. 73-74 ): "Suggested by the mirrors, water and the brothers twins, the concept of double is common to many nations [...] In Germany they called Dopple-Ganges, in Scotland Fetch, because he comes to find ( fetch ) men to be put to death .. .

From "The cats of Kilkenny" (p. 102): "... In the novel dream Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll Cheshire Cat gave the gift of disappearing ... to leave no more than the smile, no teeth and no mouth. Of cats of Kilkenny are concerned that they quarreled furiously and devoured up to leave no more than tails.

From "Haniel, Kafziel, Azriel, and Aniel" (pages 111-113): "In the Revelation of St. John says: '... and the four beasts had each of them six alas ... and were full of eyes. " From this stemmed his illustrious Chesterton paradox of the night: a monster made of eyes ( Monster made of eyes) ...

could go with dragons, with catoblepas with basilisks and a thousand and one illusory beings and shocking, but I'm not used up, do not want my friend Dive think that only interest me Imaginary Beings, I also love people of flesh and blood, but now I see it, he writes so well, no need to train any Brownie to write his novels and his wonderful blog. And now I've discovered why take so long to update my blog: "To my dismay, my dear Dive, I'm an imaginary being."

With all my love, my friend. I hope you can get close to the pages of this fascinating book, bestiary of impossible and - who knows - perhaps more real than ourselves. May God bless you, Dive, and bless you all. Greetings y. .. until your imagination can return to materialize.


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